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English Attack (DVD)

The English Attack against the Najdorf and the Scheveningen is one of the most exciting and entertaining variations in modern chess. The line, developed in the 1980s by the English top players John Nunn and Nigel Short, was a mainstay of such chess legends as Garry Kasparov and Vishy Anand,....
910,00 Kč

Fighting against the Caro-Kann with the advanced variantion (DVD)

The Caro-Kann Defence is one of the most solid replies for Black after 1.e4. I’ve played it myself for many years with black, so I know how difficult is to gain an advantage with white. My choice of the Advance Variation for White is because of the complex strategical play in which White has a long-term space advantage. If he also understands the ideas of this opening well, then White will be able to keep up the pressure.
1 004,00 Kč

Fritz and Chesster - Part 1 Version 3 (DVD)

Learn to think strategically, try out tricky mental exercises and master fun and exciting challenges – all with a generous helping of chess knowledge. These things and more await you on this unusual chess adventure that has already received great international acclaim. Start playing version 3.0 of Fritz & Chesster Volume 1 straight away and on any computer, laptop, tablet or iPad with Internet access and join Prince Fritz and his cousin Bianca on their journey through the rules of chess and many tactical motifs.
790,00 Kč

Fritz and Chesster - Part 2 - DVD

Jump into chess action, move by move, to rescue Chesster from deep within King Black’s castle. Join Fritz and Bianca in a thrilling chess adventure as they enter rooms of the castle, where each challenge will help you sharpen skills and prepare for the ultimate showdown.
790,00 Kč

Fritz and Chesster - Part 3 Chess for winners on DVD

This unforgettable chess adventure is designed to advance young chess player’s skills, move by move. Discover mini-games, brain-twisters and more at every attraction. Pick up chess tips and skills as you ride in bumper cars and the Ferris wheel. Polish up your chess strategy and tactics, opening, middle game and endgame and use what you’ve learned to win. You’ll have lots of fun while you learn more about the serious business of playing – and winning – chess!
790,00 Kč

Master Class Vol.7: Garry Kasparov - DVD

Garry Kasparov’s talent was recognised at an early age, but it was at the latest at the age of only 15 when he qualified for the renowned USSR national championship that he was also considered by the chess world as a whole as a possible future champion. But on the way to the throne of world champion Kasparov had to overcome numerous obstacles.
827,00 Kč

Play the Pirc like a Grandmaster Vol. 1: Positional lines (DVD)

Is there an absolute truth in a flexible opening such as the Pirc Defense? After I had played and studied the Pirc intensively for more than ten years I was sure I had found the best move order against each White system.
930,00 Kč

Play the Pirc like a Grandmaster Vol. 2: Attacking lines (DVD)

Is there an absolute truth in a flexible opening such as the Pirc Defense? After I had played and studied the Pirc intensively for more than ten years I was sure I had found the best move order against each White system. Then I stopped playing the opening for a while
930,00 Kč

Queen's Gambit Declined - A repertoire for Black based on the Lasker Variation (DVD)

The Queen’s Gambit Declined (“QGD”) has arguably been the most important opening in World Championship matches and elite tournaments for over a century. On this DVD, Sam Collins presents a repertoire for Black based on the rock-solid Lasker variation, reinvigorated with new ideas by former World Champion Vishy Anand and forming the cornerstone of many strong GM repertoires today. With the exception of the Catalan, all the significant variations after 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 are covered, including White’s deviations with Bxf6 and Bf4, and the critical Exchange Variation. Recent attempts by White to launch a kingside pawn storm with g4 and h4 have also been covered in detail. No other opening can boast a better pedigree than the QGD, having been contested by World Champions with both colours.
930,00 Kč

The Modern Scotch Opening (dvd)

Skotská hra byla dlouho spojována se slovy jako vzrušujícící hra i když lidé často pochybovali o její základních pozicích. Zahájení bylo populární zejména v 19. století, po té však ztratilo přízeň, protože hlavní myšlenka - brzká ztráta centrálního napětí dávala černému možnost vyrovnat hru. Také je používána jako překvapující jazyk proti nestárnoucí Španělské. Ve svém prvním Fritz-Trainer programu, Parimarjan Negi se dívá na poslední revoluci v teorii Skotské, že se úplně změnili plány bílého
930,00 Kč