Pocket Chess Strategy

Pocket Chess Strategy je prvním programem, který vás naučí strategii a poziční hru na Pocket PC.
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The file size for download:
  • Program files: 1.3 Mb
  • Framework program (if it has been installed you needn't download it once again) - 12 Mb
  • The documentation in MS Word format- 0.2 Mb


Pocket Chess Strategy is the first chess program to teach strategy and positional play on a Pocket PC.
This program presents 18 important strategic themes, including: Pawn structure, Weak square, Central squares, Exchange, Plan, Prophylaxis, Hanging pawns etc. This course was composed by GM Kalinin and contains as many as 250 examples for self-study and 1100 selected exercisesfor you to solve. While solving, you are shown refutations of wrong moves as well as other hints to help. Multiple user profiles are possible, with independent ratings and statistics for each user.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian versions are available.

System requirements: Pocket Chess Strategy runs on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 2006, Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket PC 2002.