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Art of Attack in Chess

Jedna z nejlepších šachových knih, která kdy byla napsána, nyní v revidované algebraické edici. Autor vysvětluje jak základní principy a nejsložitější formy útoku na krále. Studium tohoto mistrovského díla dodá sílu a lesk na všechny hry šachových nadšenců.
455,00 Kč

Art of Defence in Chess

Most players would rather attack than defend, with the result that defensive technique is often the weakest part of their game. This book, translated by Ken Neat, explains the basics of defensive play and contains many tests for readers to practise on.
460,00 Kč

Art of Chess Analysis

All Grandmasters are able to devote themselves body and soul to actually playing a game of chess, but few indeed are able to do the same when analysing the games of their fellow Grandmasters. Yet it was by this method that Timman, following the teachings of Botvinnik, trained himself to become one of the finest analysts in the world - and why his annotations to this carefully selected collection of games are acknowledged to be of a depth and quality rarely seen in chess literature.
460,00 Kč

Play Unconventional Chess and Win

In this book the reader will discover the incredible power unconventional moves can have. These moves contradict the most fundamental principles of the "old chess", and yet most of them played by leading grandmasters.
595,00 Kč

Slay the Sicilian!

Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor presents a repertoire for White against the most popular opening in chess – the Sicilian Defence. Taylor’s repertoire is based first and foremost on the Open Sicilian, which is regarded as White’s most ambitious and challenging response to the Sicilian. He focuses on the classical Be2 lines, which were popularized by the success of former World Champion and chess legend Anatoly Karpov. These lines are easy to learn and generally lead to solid positional play, but with a drop of poison. Taylor covers what to do against all the Sicilian variations. He examines the most important games, studies in depth the main plans and tactics for both sides, and highlights the key practical issues. Read this book and you will be ready to slay the Sicilian!
560,00 Kč

The Complete Chess Workout: Train your brain with 1200 puzzles!

Look no further than The Complete Chess Workout. In this book, tactics expert Richard Palliser presents the reader with a massive 1200 puzzles, all checked for accuracy by the latest computer engines. There is something for players of all levels here: a huge number of basic tactics
520,00 Kč