Pocket Chess Super Pack

Tento set obsahuje 10 excelentních šachových programů pro Pocket PC.
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This Set includes ten excellent programs for Pocket PC:

  • Pocket Chess Tactics for Beginners
  • Pocket Chess Basics
  • Pocket Opening Instructor
  • Pocket Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders
  • Pocket CT-ART
  • Pocket Chess Combinations
  • Pocket Chess Strategy
  • Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame
  • Pocket Chess Endings
  • Pocket Chess Internet

Altogether Pocket Chess Super Pack includes more than 11 000 commented games and positions to be solved for chess players with ELO rating from 1400 to 2400! Pocket Chess Super Pack is the product of the best Russian chess instructors' efforts. Take advantage of their training and knowledge now, and raise your playing level to a new standard.

Pocket Chess Suoer Pack are avilable in English, Spanish, French, German and Italiano, except Pocket Chess Endings, Pocket Chess Basics, Pocket Chess Internet which have English version only. No additional software required.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pocket Chess Programs runs on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile 2006, Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket PC 2002

This product is for download.